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In a competitive environment the drive to success is a given. Winning requires a hunger for the best work, the freshest thinking and the most challenging implementation. Success will belong to those who work harder, think better and mobilise more passionately. Great solutions and their delivery are not found in the realm of the mediocre.


Simoné is a Manager in our strategy and transaction practice. She has extensive experience in the commercial due diligence space, companies she has worked with recently include: an emerging health club chain, a leading furniture manufacturer and distributor, a Mozambican FMCG distributor and wholesaler, a major low-cost private tertiary education provider, a steel services centre, a Sub-Saharan African logistics services provider, an emerging energy drink brand owner and a sports-focused retailer. Simoné is an experienced financial analyst and modeller, and has deep capabilities in consumer research.

Simoné holds a B.Sc (Honours) in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand.


Senior Associate Consultant
Colin, a Senior Associate Consultant, joined RAND from a leading PVC textiles manufacturer where he managed production expansion and process control.

Colin is focused on developing his skill set within RAND’s transaction and strategy practices, with his recent assignments including due diligences in the food and consumer goods manufacturing, wholesale and retail spaces across multiple African countries, as well as a major mid-investment cycle strategy review in the specialised business services sector.

Colin holds a B.Sc Chemical Engineering (Honours) from the University of Cape Town.


Associate Consultant
Thato is an Associate Consultant who joined RAND from one of the top four South African banks where he worked in the investment banking space, particularly in the derivatives market and cash operations areas.

Thato joined RAND to develop and grow his transactional and strategy capabilities, particularly in M&A and PE transactions. Thato holds a B.Sc (Honours) in Mining Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand.


Senior Associate Consultant
Ross is a Senior Associate Consultant who joined RAND in order gain broader commercial exposure and to develop a specialised skillset in transaction services. 

Prior to joining RAND Strategy, Ross worked for the Department of Finance and Tax at the University of Cape Town as an Academic Trainee.Ross holds an B.Bus.Sci in Finance (Honours) and an M.Com Investment Management (pending) from the University of Cape Town, and has passed his CFA Level 1.

Our Culture


Pursuing a maniacal approach to value determination, thereby helping organisations to achieve their full potential.


Taking immense pride in the rigour, clarity and objectivity of our work.


Passionately striving to be trusted advisors and partners to the most dynamic and ambitious business leaders.


Crafting unique solutions for each bespoke assignment - not a solution looking for a problem.


Delighting in client partner collaboration, believing that more can be achieved through co-operation than as individuals.


Embracing the potential and vicissitudes inherent in the commercial milieu to forge a unique strategic offering


Determinedly working within the energy, collegiality and support inherent in a team structure.


Actively bringing a sense of wonder and enjoyment to every assignment.


Striving to repeatedly commit our full realm of energy, intellect and passion in the pursuit of our professional actualisation.


Jealously protecting and nurturing our individual ethical stance and group reputation.

A Career

Value Proposition
There is no better place to commence and build a business career than as a consultant with RAND Strategy Advisors. As a challenger firm, we are able to offer our team members a dynamic and unique learning environment.

From the outset, you will assist leading organisations and their executives to frame, develop and implement strategic initiatives. You will work alongside experienced colleagues in team structures designed to ensure the maximum skill development and client impact. We believe that RAND Strategy offers one of the best learning environments for candidates wishing to gain broad business experience and progress to advisory and management roles within RAND Strategy, as well as almost any other industry sector.

Our clients sustained trust is testament to the quality of our people, technical skill and professional success.
Accelerated career growth ensures that you will be constantly challenged. RAND Strategy has a formal set of growth stages designed to recognise your advancing skills and ensure that you remain constructively and constantly challenged.

Role progression is as follows:
Analysts play a crucial role in assignments, being responsible for the collection and interpretation of primary and secondary data
Consultants are responsible for designing and ensuring the output of a limited team
As owners of the strategy toolkit, Managers must devise and agree the deliverables, design the work plan and manage the team to ensure the outcome
Principals manage large and complex cases holding responsibility for the proper use of resources and budgets. They are further required to contribute to and lead new client and project acquisition initiatives
Attracting and developing colleagues is deemed a core competence of all team members regardless of role, rank and tenure. Professional growth is achieved through:

Formal 'classroom' instruction - We ensure that team members are taught the skills required to perform each role.
'In house'
Team members participate in a formal set of role and skill bespoke training modules designed to ensure appropriate role competence and mastery of the strategy consulting tool set
Regular enrolment on external skill development courses is used to supplement our 'in house' offering
Externships - Where it is deemed appropriate for a team members skill development, RAND Strategy will use it’s extensive network of industry relationships to provide a term based work experience. This must be seen as a unique and accelerated skill growth opportunity.
Mentoring - Our formal mentoring system gives all staff an allocated mentor and access to a structured mentoring programme. This gives each team member the opportunity to build internal networks, access informal career advice and learn from senior colleagues outside of case engagements.
Assessment - Skill growth at RAND Strategy is based on the philosophy of BUILD – continuous individual professional skill development founded on performance review, feedback and bespoke development target setting. A company wide, tenure and role specific programme of bi-annual assessment ensures constant formal opportunities to guide our staff competency. This programme is supported by frank and constructive formal and informal feedback supported by actionable goals.

To Apply

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Recruitment, the identification and selection of new colleagues is an important aspect of the RAND Strategy culture. In our selection process we apply a tight normative band of valued skills to the broad and diverse candidate set we seek to attract.
All candidates regardless of role are interviewed to assess their potential across the following:

  • Analytic competency and numeracy
  • Applied logic and structured problem solving

  • Business judgement

  • Creative and original thinking

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

The RAND Strategy recruitment process consists of 4 stages; specifically:
Stage 1
CV submission and evaluation
Stage 2
Introductory interview
Stage 3
Technical discussion including case studies
Stage 4
Process review and motivation discussion
It must be noted that candidates may not progress through all 4 stages.
If you want to apply to be part of the RAND Strategy team, send us your CV.
+27 11 061 0001

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At RAND Strategy Advisors we firmly believe in our people. We value loyalty, teamwork and friendship, and we see team events as a vital part of the bonding experience.
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